Warcraft WordPress V-3

I finished and launched the Version 3 of World of Warcraft WordPress theme.

All the theme’s graphic elements are drawn sfxed and finished in 2D graphic editing software – (Ps).
Coding is done on Automattic framework with Visual Studio Code app.

World of Warcraft WordPress V-3

The WordPress theme comes with dozens of montaged backgrounds and header persona images.

To see live version of the theme: click here

Google vs LastPass Authenticator

2 step verification is now a norm on most important and sensetive online accounts and so many services offer it through 3-rd party services and apps. Most services I came across lately offer using a Google Authenticator but is it optimal, better or even worth it?

Google Authenticator


One of the most important features hardly anyone talks about when it comes to  authenticators is ability to change devices or backing up the authentication codes. google authenticator simply can not do that. If you lose the device your 2 factor tockens are lost. google offers to print them out… but that’s hardly safe or secure and now you have to worry about securing the hard copy as well. This type of solution was too cumbersome to me so I went on a search for a better solution.

LastPass Authenticator



I came across LastPass Authenticator and decided to try out.  Here’s the cool part, it can be used instead of Google authenticator even though some online service may suggest using Google Authenticator. More importantly it has a feature where it automatically backs the codes up to your LastPass account. (LastPass has free accounts)

So you never lose the 2 factor codes and it’s securely gated behind LastPass encryption.

I’ll add that LastPass Authenticator has finger print ID for “older” iphones, Face ID and passcode to even open an app, which is a great secirity gate.


To wrap it up:

Google Authenticator

  1. Can generate 2 factor authentication codes
  2. Can provide a printable display of codes
  3. Can NOT back them up or help you move to a new device or restore them to current one if you delete and reinstall the app.

LastPass Authenticator

  1. Can generate 2 factor authentication codes
  2. Can back the codes up to your LastPass Account
  3. Can restore your codes to a new or current device from encrypted LastPass account.

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Sneak Peek into new WordPress themes

Knight WordPress Theme

Haven’t posted a while. I’ve been busy with the new exciting WordPress project. Photoshop work is in progress. Takes me a while since I “handcraft” all the visual assets in Photoshop mainly.

Two versions are planned. One for World of Warcraft (horde, alliance flavors, so technically 3 versions) with all the Warcraft widgets from the current WOW theme and the second will be purely medieval version without WOW elements and widgets.

The theme will be based on a Automattic Framework (underscore _s). Will be posting progress on this blog and twitter, facebook.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me at @ritzdotone

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Adobe Experience Design CC-Adobe Xd 0.6.34 Beta

Brief Overview of Adobe Xd version 0.6.34 Beta.


Great features it already has.

  1. Artboard templates
  2. Intuitive UI, easy shape tool management
  3. Customizable grid with snapping
  4. Shape over image masking
  5. Boxed and Free Flow text modes
  6. Easy colour picker with saveable swatches
  7. Transparency support
  8. Object path manipulation
  9. Pen tool
  10. Hotspot prototyping
  11. Repeat Grid feature
  12. Symbols

Desired features currently absent.

  1. Assign export type to objects
  2. Mass export of separate objects without manual selection
  3. Export jpg
  4. Center grid to Artboard
  5. Pen tool – better path management
  6. Text Styles, saveable and reusable
  7. Borders – outer expansion

Adobe has made great leaps with their new, still Beta take on UI UX design called Adobe Xd.

first impression on the build is that the program layout is very free and easy to engage with. Nothing is sticking out as “in your face” annoyance as many Beta apps do.

The general feeling while using it is breath of fresh air, no pressure, just do your own thing.

I really like the overall workflow of the application. From start to finish it was mainly a smooth ride. I wish there were few things that in my opinion would benefit the whole workflow and experience but hopefully they will be included in the final release.

First Launch of the Adobe Xd

Adobe Xd - artboards

We are greeted with this pop-up that has Artboards ready to be used. They are simply correctly sized artboards and do not come with any special features or UI Kits. It is simply a handy timesaver.

After choosing an Artboard (canvas) we get to view full interface and all the tools.

Adobe Xd-UI


On your left you’ll notice the selection tool (V) yes v shortcut works in Adobe Xd (Im looking at you Sketch). Then we have a rectangle, circle, line and a pen tools. Below pen tool we have type tool “T” and below it we have Artboard drawing and resizing tool.

Asset Management

Adobe Xd has two types of collections “Layers” and “Symbols” on the bottom left we can see the icons for them. Layers are collection of any object residing on canvas and symbols are simply the symbols we made out of some of the elements.

There is one more “grouping” which is off Artboard grouping. Meaning, any shape or object that is completely off the Artboard gets grouped in the  “Pasteboard”.


Tool panels to the right

Right side of this app we have tool panels with alignments, distributions, special adobe repeatable function “Repeat Grid” and vector shape modifiers, add, subtract etc.

Size, resize management

Adobe Xd also tracks sizes of canvas as well as drawn objects and text as well as tracks their positions which leads me to the elephant in the room – rulers and guides.

Rulers, Grids

At this point Adobe Xd has no rulers or guides but it has grids. User is free to change the grid size to any size. It is not clear if they will be added later or adobe wants to pull “apple” on us.

In either case this is a very usable software for UI and UX design.


Unlike competition Adobe Xd has prototype view and is able to visually link hots spots to other Artboards in the same document.  This allows user to create interactivity right in the app without third party plug-ins.

That is all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for detailed feature and tool function videos.