My Process

My process is straightforward and efficient. I am completely dedicated to project and doing everything that is needed to fulfill it in a timely manner. Quality is very important to me.

I break down projects in a following manner.

  1. Let’s talk. Initial communication, evaluating client needs and mapping out project size
  2. Details about project’s purpose, target audience, expected outcome and an allocated budget
  3. We settle on a project time frame and enter a simple written digital contract
  4. Client makes initial installed payment.
  5. I create mockups and wireframes
  6. After client approves, I start with detailed design and code
  7. We go over any changes and finish the project
  8. Project is handed over to client/investor and signed off as completed
  9. Training for WordPress publishing. So client can update and change  content.


Payment schedule:

Three timed phases. ( Initial deposit 30%.  Mid phase 40%  Completion 30%)*

*Any additional work on a project after it is finished will be billed separately.