Gamer Gear Logo design

Gamer gear online store and in this section displayed its logo.

Logo creation process had to meet max two color requirement and be versatile.

As usual I aim to create a standalone mark that would convey the hinted category and industry of the business.

Initial version


the mark was well liked but I wanted to offer alternative version as well. Played with negative space and center or “R” became a laser point. Yet R is still there.

We got this final version. Even though first one also is used in some areas by the store.

Final square version


Horizontal version with full name was also needed.

As  usual mark+name had to work together.

Incorporated existing mark in its name with extension to the first line, connecting them with colour.

Black and white version would simply substitute red for grey.

Horizontal version

In horizontal version sort of play was revealed. Now we see where the red dot was borrowed from….