Grafora Logo Design

Grafora is a web application development company based in Canada. The company needed a brand and all that comes with it. Logo with complementing website and business cards to start with. I proposed few starting points and got started with branding.


In this case the new mark preferably had to contain hint of the name of the company, be easily recognizable, unique and be available and usable to variety of medium surfaces. (Print on paper, vinyl, billboard, wood, ceramics, metal, etching, burning, web )

I also tend to make standalone marks that do not rely on company name printed alongside to be recognizable and at the same time if I had to place mark and text together they wouldn’t conflict with each other, avoiding canceling each-other out visually.

Only mark, without text was shaped so.

Both black and white reversal had to work.



This stage was complete but other requirements were to be met such as having text along side the logo mark.

Two versions were conceived.

One that would fit in square format


Another that would be horizontal