This project is for Personal Protection Equipment distributor in Toronto ON Canada.

The aim of the project was to launch a web store that serves locally within Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and fulfills orders within 2-3 business days of delivering the ordered equipment and supplies.

The site consists of a storefront, store with products, blog, contact and subscriptions, stock and customer management. Payment method options included are Credit Card, Cash, Direct deposit, PayPal and cash on delivery.

The design, programming and server ops have been fulfilled from 0 to 100 by me.

  • Secured domain name
  • Configured DNS for the domain
  • Secured VPS hosting on Vultr
  • Installed and configured Plesk CP
  • Setup SSL
  • Installed, configured and secured WordPress CMS
  • Designed WordPress template
  • Designed company logo and the rest of the graphics
  • Created and configured WooCommerce Store
  • Setup PayPal standard payment gateway
  • Created custom email accounts and setup with external email smtp host.
  • Integrated “Sendblue” email marketing service and as a transactional email host.

Project url: https://ppe-store.ca