Google vs LastPass Authenticator

2 step verification is now a norm on most important and sensetive online accounts and so many services offer it through 3-rd party services and apps. Most services I came across lately offer using a Google Authenticator but is it optimal, better or even worth it?

Google Authenticator


One of the most important features hardly anyone talks about when it comes to  authenticators is ability to change devices or backing up the authentication codes. google authenticator simply can not do that. If you lose the device your 2 factor tockens are lost. google offers to print them out… but that’s hardly safe or secure and now you have to worry about securing the hard copy as well. This type of solution was too cumbersome to me so I went on a search for a better solution.

LastPass Authenticator



I came across LastPass Authenticator and decided to try out.  Here’s the cool part, it can be used instead of Google authenticator even though some online service may suggest using Google Authenticator. More importantly it has a feature where it automatically backs the codes up to your LastPass account. (LastPass has free accounts)

So you never lose the 2 factor codes and it’s securely gated behind LastPass encryption.

I’ll add that LastPass Authenticator has finger print ID for “older” iphones, Face ID and passcode to even open an app, which is a great secirity gate.


To wrap it up:

Google Authenticator

  1. Can generate 2 factor authentication codes
  2. Can provide a printable display of codes
  3. Can NOT back them up or help you move to a new device or restore them to current one if you delete and reinstall the app.

LastPass Authenticator

  1. Can generate 2 factor authentication codes
  2. Can back the codes up to your LastPass Account
  3. Can restore your codes to a new or current device from encrypted LastPass account.

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