Easy way to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

One of the challenges of maintaining latest updates and good performance of WordPress sites is that the WordPress plugins and themes get updated quite often and lot of times they are meant to cover security issues.

Obviously they need to be patched and updated but when you run several WordPress sites this can get tedious. Luckily there are several services that can let you manage WordPress from one back-office.

One of these services is ManageWP. This company has both free and paid tiers of service.

Each WordPress needs ManageWP¬†plugin installed first, which allows secure “handshake” between ManageWP¬†and your WordPress installations.

You can update WordPress core, plugins, themes and even have access to admin window in one click.

ManageWP Back office Overview

ManageWP – Free WordPress Management Service

As you can see the back office of this service shows what is outdated and needs an update. It can update all blogs in one click.

Among other things this service allows you to add and maintain your clients you maintain WordPress sites for.

It can also check for security vulnerabilities and performance rating.

Premium and Free Features

Back up, security and performance management are some of the premium features.

ManageWP Backoffice – Premium and free features

You can check them out at managewp.com